Energy Globe World Awards

It is decided! The next world awards will be honored in Tehran !

The Energy Globe Awards 2015 will be presented on 19th of January 2016 in the Milad Tower in Tehran/Iran.
The honoring of the winners and nominees in the categories Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Youth will take place within an international television gala.
Altogether more than 1,700 projects from a total 177 countries took part in the world award this year. This emphasizes the significance of this worldwide most renowned world prize for sustainability and points out best practice basic solutions of creative people for almost all problems of our world.
The motto is therefore: Walk the walk, don’t talk the talk – that’s the only way to success.
Event location is the Milad Tower in Tehran which is not only the symbol of Tehran with its integrated TV tower but also one of the most impressing event centers worldwide.
Included in the program is the Iranian Green Management Conference as well as an exhibition of sustainable technologies in the resource area.
Iran emphasizes its departure into the sustainable age with this event.
Iranian Society for Green Management (ISGM) is ambassador of Energy Globe in Iran, ISGM Responsible of The Energy Globe Awards 2015 in Tehran.


To safeguard the future of the planet and the right of future generations everywhere to live healthy and fulfilling lives should be a human right for everyone. ENERGY GLOBE Founder Wolfgang Neumann has made this goal his lifetime mission.
The International ENERGY GLOBE Awards / World Award for Sustainability are means to raise awareness on this issue, to showcase best practice solutions from a variety of countries, to motivate people to contribute their share and to convince governments to provide the necessary framework.
The international ENERGY GLOBE Awards are presented in the categories earth, fire, water, air – representing the ancient Greek elements – in addition the category youth was introduced symbolizing our future. The ENERGY GLOBE World Award winner is selected by audience and/or online voting from among the 5 category winners.
The international ENERGY GLOBE Award distinguishes the best projects in the five categories earth, fire, water, air and youth. The 1st prize in each category is endowed with 10.000 Euro.
The international ENERGY GLOBE Awards / World Award are presented annually in the realm of a festive ceremony. The 5 nominees in each category are invited and the winners are announced at the ceremony. Since 1999 such ceremonies took place in countries like Japan, Canada, the Czech Republic, Rwanda, etc. In 2007 and 2008 the European Parliament in Brussels for the first time in its history was the stage for an international ENERGY GLOBE Awards Ceremony.
Prominent Award presenters include Kofi Annan, Michail Gorbachev, Maneka Gandhi (Former Indian Environment Minister), Ahok Khosla (President Club of Rome) the Presidents of the EU Commission and EU Parliament, UNEP DG Achim Steiner, former World Bank Inspection Panel Chief Prof. Edward S. Ayensu. Actors like Martin Sheen, Aamir Khan, Peter Falk (Columbo), etc. presented awards and famous singers like Robin Gibb, Dionne Warwick, Alanis Morissette, etc. were guests at the ceremonies.
Thus the message of ENERGY GLOBE went around the world: 6,000 projects were submitted since 1999 ranging from high-tech to simple but highly efficient sustainable solutions. See more at ENERGY GLOBE's Project Database.